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Little Shep Chapter...

Hello, everybody. I'm Courtney, I'm 22, and I looooooove the YaYas. Reading those books makes me really long for close girly companionship, ya know?

I've read both Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood and Little Altars Everywhere. I LOVED them both, but I do have a question for you guys about Little Altars. It'd be great if we could get a discussion about this going...

Just a warning to those who haven't read the book yet...spoiler-BIG spoiler-behind the cut.

It is amazing, overall, how well the two books are tied together. One little detail may be merely hinted in one part of the book, then will be picked up and explained later. This is only part of what makes these books so wonderful!

However, it is because of the well-tied-together unity of the rest of the books that the sexual abuse of Little Shep stands out. Not only did I find it harder to like Vivi, but I was also wondering where this abouse came from. The rest of the books are explained so well, have such wonderful details to explain them. The abuse of Little Shep and his siblings, however, seemed to come out of nowhere. Shep mentions that Vivi "visits" Sidda's room also, and Sidda even calls Baylor to make sure "it really happened." Yet never in all of Sidda's pain, longing, therapy, and exploration of her relationship with her mother do we ever see ANY indication that she has survived sexual abuse. Why would Sidda suffer such pain about her other issues with Vivi and never once bring up or wonder about SEXUAL abuse in Divine Secrets? And when we see Vivi herself suffering guilt over the ways she has hurt her children-for instance, wondering if Connor sees Sidda's scars when he loves her-we never see her regreting any kind of sexual abuse. Why? It's not so much that I think including the story was a mistake, it's just that I don't see the details that explain it/back it up anywhere in Divine Secrets at all.

I keep hoping that another book will be written, that this will be better explained.

Thanks in advance to anyone who responds! I'd really like people's opinions on this!
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