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Hi all

I am telling you, The Divine Secrets of the YaYa Sisterhood could be my life! I grew up in the south, where you belonged to either the redneck group, or the other group.....LOL. I sat down with my mom and dad and watched the movie with them, thinking they would either be offended because they recognized themselves in the movie, which didn't happen, or they would love the movie and laugh like crazy, which they did. My mother could be ViVi Walker! She has the worse phone etiquette on earth and I have been written out of her will 3, no 4 times that I know of! She is dramatic and sassy . My childhood mirrored Sidda's so closely that it was weird to watch the movie. My dad is so much like James Garner that it is uncanny. He is a cross between Ronald Reagan and JG, and a little Regis thrown in for good measure. I loved the books! I loved the movie! I would love to join yall's group just to chat...:O)
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