mariposa_bella (mariposa_bella) wrote in yaya_sisterhood,

What do you do with a real life Vivi?

ever knew someone who you were sure missed their calling in life? well my mother-in-law is one of those people- she's one of the best actresses i've ever seen in real life... only she never made it to Hollywood (she lives outside of it) and she creates her drama in every day life. ok, seriously, ever watched Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood? She is the perfect imitation of ViVi... almost even to the way she looks- but most definitely how she acts. The cool thing about that movie is that in the end Vivi had friends who intervened and helped her see the truth and mend her dysfunctions before it was too late to salvage her relationship with her daughter. The bad thing about real life is that our hollywood mommy has pretty much ruined all her friendships and family relationships, so there's no one to intervene and help her fix her dysfunctions when she is about to ruin the only relationship that cares about her that she has left- the one with her son (and daughter-in-law). so we have tried to communicate with her, to no avail. she didn't listen and then hung up (despite our warning to her that if she hung up she would never see us or the coming grandson again). yep, she still chose to hang up. which was rather comical i might add- right straight from the seen where Sidda and her mom were talking on the phone in the movie- and mom hangs up and Sidda is crash banging the phone into the kitchen counter (justin threw his phone across the room where it bounced of the couch into the wall). but the sad part is that unlike the movie's happy ending, i don't think this one will finish this way. she will be all alone and our baby will never really know she existed... not because that's what we want, but because that's what she has chosen by her actions. she thinks by pulling all the manipulation strings that she will get her way- by saying she's so sick and what if she dies before baby comes that's why she wants to fly out here and wait for his arrival (if she's that sick she needs to stay home in bed- so that string doesn't work). she thought by recently buying the bedding set we wanted for baby that it would entitle her to demand what she wants from us. sorry. you can that bedding set if that's what you want. sure, we'd like to have the bedding set- but not with strings attached (strings aren't healthy for babies!). she thought by pulling out the "well, i thought you were supposed to be christians and honor your mother... if i could record this conversation and send it to your pastor!..." go ahead, send it to my pastor. he is going to laugh at your foolishness and pray for your eyes to be opened. suprise- jesus loves people enough that he wants to help them live a life without manipulation, guilt-trips or other dysfunctions! so you might want to pull that plank out of your eye before you send the convo to pastor to pluck the splinter out of ours. and justin apparently owes her everything, after all she did give birth to him! how could he do this to her? then she tried to blame my family for taking care of all of baby's needs cuz she felt left out... (she new about our registry before anyone in my family new about it). oh, she would have never asked her grandma not to come out for the moment of the birth of her children- she would have never asked that! so how can we ask that of her? well... you see Vivi, we are NOT you. you may not have asked that, but we are asking that. not out of hatred or any other maliciousness as you want to manipulate this into being, but simply because we need the space as we take care of us first. ugh, justin- the spoiled fruit of her womb that rotted! i tell ya... the drama is thick. so she calls back 30 minutes later, not to hear justin, but to say "fine, i love you guys and if you don't want me to be welcome in your lives, well...everyone makes mistakes. but i'll leave you alone and when i die i'll be buried out in South Dakota next to grandma and i don't want you to shed a tear. bye" She hangs up. All i can say is Vivi Vivi Vivi.... man she missed her calling. hollywood mommy missed her calling in life, and that's the saddest part of it all. if she could only thank me now, i have made her famous by posting her in my world wide blog! LOL. i find the whole thing amusing really, though i feel sad for my husband and really i feel sad for her that she chooses to live in her dysfunctions and misery... but i can only help those who want it. for now, i am here for my husband and for my first son. what do I do with a real life Vivi?
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